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    Під час проектування теплообмінників техніко-економічним показникам їхньої роботи приділяється недо-статньо уваги. Це призводить до використання малоефективних конструкцій апаратів. У статі запропо-новано сучасну методику оптимізації теплообмінних апаратів.

    Heat exchangers take one of the leading places at the enterprises of chemical, food and other industries both in Ukraine and abroad. The improvement of design process and manufacture of these devices is one of the areas of intensification technology processes of production a mineral fertilizer, synthetic fibers, pulp and piper industry, etc.In the design process of heat exchangers in values, that are contained to the technical task of design can not be uniquely determine the optimal sizes of the device. Even experienced designers are forced to make some choices of calculations (sometimes 5…6) before the opportunity to find the optimal size of the device fall for them (pipe size, pitch of their placement in the tube lattice, the distance between the walls in the intertube space, etc.)
    As the experience shows in the design process of the heat exchangers designers obviously don't pay enough atten-tion to the technical and economic performance of these devices. It's about the cost of manufacturing heat exchang-ers, cost implementation, cost in the process of exploitation. That's why in some cases efficient heat exchangers are made and exploit, and in others they are less efficient and even practically useless for modern conditions of the con-struct devices.
    This problem can be solved by the introduction of modern methods of economic direction for optimizing heat ex-changers.