Досліджено параметричну схему скловарної печі, розглянуті усі вхідні, вихідні сигнали, керовані й некеровані збурення. Параметричну схему спрощено до одного вихідного параметра.

In this the work considered and investigated parametric diagram glass furnace. Completely considered all input, output signals, managed and controlled disturbance. Parametric diagram shows the object is a complex number base and utility lines. It is necessary to simplify the scheme for the formation of the task of the study.

The temperature in the area of lighting the gas mixture the main parameters of the furnace, as it directly affects the quality of the glass, which in turn affects the quality of the finished product. The object is the impact of a controlled perturbation – air temperature at the inlet. There is a temperature control of gas-air mixture in the furnace area lighting one contour closed system with a single input signal, control signal and controlled disturbance.

The main source parameter furnace as automation object performs the temperature of the glass. Parametric circuit obtained after simplifications can be decomposed into two. The first release will be performing temperature glass, measuring thermocouples happens to them, and the second – the temperature in the area of lighting the gas mixture, the measurement takes place thermocouples.

Temperature gas-air mixture affects the temperature of the glass and the system is part of the control system of feeding fuel to the furnace burners as one of the paths, and depending on the task, can be considered as a separate system. Accordingly, the total system output parameter temperature serving glass.

All inputs, outputs and disturbances will be used in modeling, under a parametric circuit designed furnace. When creating a mathematical model and check its adequacy, in addition to an analysis of existing models bathrooms, regenerative glass furnaces, consider the data and design features glass factories.

As a result of research on parametric scheme furnace was obtained parametric simplified diagram of one output parameter – temperature glass and three input parameters: fuel gas and air in the combustion process, the temperature of the gas.