Досліджено вплив діаметра гранул, температури та тривалості сушіння на динаміку зміни вологовмісту ПЕТ-грануляту. Запропоновано регресійну модель сушіння у вигляді степеневої функції.

Polyethyleneterephtalate (PET) is one of the most mass polymeric materials which are used for domestic and technical aims. Sixty year history of development of production of polymeric materials on the basis of PET includes development of both methods of processing of fusions polymer directly after a synthesis and through the stage of receipt of granulate. Presently anymore 80 % wares on the basis of this polymer make granulation with the use of the stage.

Apparatus registration of drying of granulate is on enterprises which produce different wares on the basis of PAT, very various, but it is mainly realized in the vehicles of continuous action. Thus there is structural alteration of polymer which accompanies the deep (to 0,005 %) moving away of moisture from it that predetermines stability of further technological process. In this connection systematic studies of aspects of continuous drying of granulate of different size and development on this basis of corresponding recommendations are actual tasks.

In this article results of experimental researches of drying PET-granulate are considered. The influence of pellet diameter, temperature and time of drying are researched. Mathematical model is indicated adequate to the process of drying.

НАДОЛИНСЬКИЙ О. В., магістрант; КОВАЛЕНКО І. В., к.т.н., доц.