Стаття присвячена отриманню з сульфатної хвойної вибіленої целюлози фільтрувального матеріалу для очищення води від завислих і колоїдних частинок, що обумовлюють її каламутність. Досліджено вплив вмісту лавсанового волокна та клею на основі полівінілового спирту на механічні та експлуатаційні характеристики фільтрувального матеріалу. 

This article is devoted to the obtaining of filter material from bleached softwood sulphate pulp for water treatment under increased pressure from suspended solids and colloidal particles, which determine water turbidity, and the evaluation of the filter material properties. The influence of the filter material composition (the content of lavsan fibers and adhesives based on polyvinyl alcohol) as well as surface sizing and the mechanical performance of the filter material. The mechanical strength of the samples was determined by the bursting strength factor. The maximum values of the factor for the samples without surface coatings were obtained at the consumption rate of adhesive 50 % and lavsan 15 % by weight of absolutely dry fiber. Adhesive surface coating can improve bursting strength of the filter material by 66…77 %, and the filter material composition has almost no effect at the growth rate.

The evaluation of the effectiveness (performance characteristics) of the samples was carried out by their selectivity for turbidity and productivity. The investigations were conducted by filtering distilled water, barium sulfate suspension with concentration 4250 mg/dm3, obtained by deposition, and kaolin slurry with concentration of 5000 mg/dm3. The filtration was carried out at increased pressure: from 0.25 to 1.75 atm for samples with no surface coating, from 3 to 4 atm for samples with surface coating. The decrease of performance during filtration with constant pressure was observed for all samples. Samples with the maximal initial performance showed the largest (almost twofold) loss of productivity in the first minutes of filtration. The increasing of the pressure improved the performance while keeping selectivity.

As a result of studies, samples of filter material were obtained, that provided selectivity to suspended and colloidal particles, causing water turbidity, at a level of microfiltration membranes. These materials can be used for rough water treatment or water preconditioning before advanced purification.



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ГОМЕЛЯ М. Д., д.т.н., проф.; МОВЧАНЮК О. М., к.т.н., доц


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