Проаналізовано використання сорбентів із магнітними властивостями для очищення водних середовищ від нафтопродуктів і відокремлення частинок магнетиту від очищеної води. Визначено чинники вкливу на дисперсність гранульованого магнетиту й вивчено його сорбційні властивості. Досліджено вплив швидкості фільтрування на ефективність сорбції нафтопродуктів гранульованим магнетитом. 

The article deals with the problems of global hydrosphere pollution by oil and petroleum products. The application of different magnetic sorbents for the removal of petroleum products from water is analyzed. The problem of separation of magnetic particles of sorbents from treated water is discussed. The possibility of using magnetite particles for oil separation from water and simultaneous localization of solid phase in the sorption column in a dynamic mode is investigated. In cases of chemical condensation techniques, very low filtration properties of a media formed with magnetite particles are obtained. The possibility of increasing the dispersion of magnetite particles by extension and different methods of granulation magnetic sorbents has been studied. A number of factors affect the dispersion of granular magnetite. Particle size distribution of the suspension is influenced by the concentration of the initial solution. A significant impact of synthesis and thawing temperatures on the size distribution of magnetite slurry has been observed. The graphs, illustrating the effect of concentration of initial components and different thawing temperatures on a variety of granular magnetite particles used as a filter media for sorption filters, have been presented. The influence of freezing/thawing temperature on size distribution of granular magnetite has been investigated. A sorbent based on granular magnetite with satisfactory filtration properties has been obtained. The absorption properties of granular magnetite have been studied. It was defined that despite the lower dispersion of magnetite particles after freezing, its absorption properties were better than conventional magnetite. The maximum sorption capacity to oil products has been determined for traditional and granulated by freezing magnetite. It is shown that the curves of sorption for both types of magnetite are characterized by relatively clear and steep slope. It is concluded that the absorption properties of granular magnetite allow the application of the studied sorbent for treatment of industrial water, polluted by oil and petroleum products. The impact of filtration rate using filtration and sorption systems operating in dynamic mode has been analyzed. It has been determined an optimal flow rate of contaminated water and relations between the filtration rate and oil sorption effectiveness of granular magnetite. The influence of the height of the layer of granular magnetite on oil removal efficiency of sorption filters has been defined. Even though the freezing and thawing processes in an industrial conditions are costly, the increase of the filter layer thickness or multi-use cleaning system allow to effectively run water treatment at filtration rate appropriate for industrial equipment.

The use of magnetic sorbents for the purification of water environments from oil was analyzed. The problem of separation of magnetite particles from purified water was considered. A number of factors affect the dispersion of granular magnetite. The absorption properties of granular magnetite were studied. The effect of velocity filtering efficiency of oil sorption granular magnetite was defined. 



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РАДОВЕНЧИК В. М., д.т.н., проф.; РОМАНЕНКО М. І., асп.; ЧОРНА К. І., магістрант


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